Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Book Shoot #1 - Jane Bevan

We have been commissioned by Jane Bevan to photograph her work and the process of how certain pieces are made for a forthcoming publication. The book will focus soley on Jane's work with approximately 10 projects to be featured.

Paul & Jane have just undertaken their first photo shoot together for this project and already anticipating great results judging from the initial work. The following are a handful of shots from one of the projects. Further shoots to follow...

Jane Bevan is an artist using natural and found materials, particularly bark, thorns and twigs, which she gathers on daily walks in local woodlands. Jane carefully selects her materials and then uses traditional techniques of tying, stitching, twining, coiling and binding to make small sculptures and vessels.

She works from her studio at Banks Mill in Derby and takes inspiration and materials from the local countryside in South Derbyshire.

Please visit Janes website at for more details.

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